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Mother and baby in autumn

My personal birth story

And how it led me to become a doula...

My husband and I prepared for our son’s birth by attending a 12 week Bradley Method course. We loved learning all we could about the birth process and planned for an unmedicated birth with as few medical interventions as possible. Boy, were we wrong about that! 

Due to pre-eclampsia I was induced at 39 weeks. I wanted to slowly start the induction so we used two doses of Cervidil, then the Foley balloon, then Pitocin, then finally when things still weren’t progressing at the end of day 2, the doctor wanted to break my bag of water. At that point things got REAL! With no prior contractions, they started coming for one minute in length at one minute intervals. My blood pressure spiked, I was given magnesium to prevent seizures, and I asked for an epidural. This provided a break until the next morning. It was at that point they did a manual rotation for a posterior facing baby (sunny side up) that took three different doctors to successfully manage. We had our healthy baby boy after about an hour of pushing. 

My husband and I are so thankful for the medical interventions that were necessary and the skillful medical staff. However, there are a few things I remember and learned from my experience that I feel is my mission to help others navigate in their journey.

  1. The attitudes of the medical staff. Many were willing to allow events to unfold as they should with little intervention or speeding them along but there were also many that rolled their eyes, displayed their impatience, and questioned our preferences. 

  2. Although my husband and I were educated on the birthing process and knew our preferences, in the three days we were in labor there were decisions that needed to be made in which we didn’t know what we should do or how to proceed. 

  3. No matter how much you plan for a birth to go a certain way, it may not, and that’s okay! But it’s also okay to feel disappointed about it. 

As your birth doula, I will do all I can to advocate, educate, and support you in your journey so that you can have the birth you are hoping for.  

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